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Save the life of your carpet, have them professionally cleaned!

8/20/2019 (Permalink)

Look at the difference a good carpet cleaning can make! Call today to schedule your appointment...712-262-4379

Through my travels I get the opportunity to speak with hotel and restaurant owners on a regular basis.  The response when I bring up the potential for us coming in to clean carpets is usually the same, we have our own equipment.  

While I think it is absolutely fantastic to keep up on general carpet cleaning I have found that a majority of those that own their own equipment have something similar to what any one of us can rent from your local carpet or hardware store.  Those machines will work, however, they have their downfalls.  Most of those machines will leave chemical residue behind in addition to not removing all of the dirt and grime.  

As I speak with these business managers and owners I remind them that they should have a good professional cleaning at least once per year to prolong the life of the carpets.  As it may seem like an additional expense, it helps with customer experience and satisfaction resulting in more potential revenue in the long run. 

Call today to schedule your carpet cleaning in either your home or business.  712-262-4379

It's not really clean unless it's SERVPRO clean!  

Meet the new/old faces!

8/20/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes owners Ryan & Kristine Brooks

SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes has had an interesting few months here.  As many of you have heard former co-owners Lathe & Nicole Toft moved south to the Omaha area and opened their own SERVPRO franchise in that market which made way for other co-owners Ryan & Kristine Brooks to take over sole ownership of SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes.  

Ryan & Kristine are both excited for the opportunity to continue the great work that has always been done out of these offices and will continue to provide all the same services and cover the same footprint as they always have.  

The two still have plans to build a new facility in southwest Spencer in addition to bringing in new equipment which will allow for better and more efficient restoration after your disaster. 

During this transition, Ryan & Kristine also took over sole ownership of Boji Builders LLC, the reconstruction branch of SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes. 

Please take a moment to congratulate the two and remember to call the team that's Faster to any Disaster, SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes. 


Storm cleanup turned bad

8/20/2019 (Permalink)

Mold can begin growing in 48-72 hours and can be very harmful to ones health. Call today to breathe easier tomorrow. 712-262-4379

All of northwest Iowa and beyond has been hit with more water and storms than we've known what to do with.  Some homeowners have suffered multiple water losses due to the high amounts of precipitation.  After speaking with some homeowners at vendor shows and insurance agents over the last few months one thing has become obvious, their issues weren't over after the initial storm clean up. 

Many homeowners who opted to clean up their own home to save a claim against their insurance and money in the long run are now running into mold infestations in their homes and businesses.  SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes went through a period of time in which we received anywhere between 2-3 calls per day requesting mold remediation or testing.  

Our team is trained in mold remediation and we have a reconstruction team on staff to help restore your home or business "Like it never even happened."  

Don't waste time, if you believe you have mold growing in your home make sure you call today to schedule your mold assessment consultation.  There is a charge for the consultation, but we will provide you with a remediation plan to help your family breathe easier.  

SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes, your mold remediation specialists in Northwest Iowa and Southwest Minnesota. 


Content Inventory after Fire Loss

8/20/2019 (Permalink)

Our team takes care and concern when packing out your belongings after a loss.

SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes has received numerous calls over the course of the last 3 months for fire losses.  Some on the larger commercial scale and others being small kitchen or garage fires.  No matter the size of job, SERVPRO is here to make it "Like it never even happened." 

In addition to the smoke and soot cleanup, one key component to a fire loss is the inventory process.  This requires a great deal of time in most cases due to the counting and note taking involved.  As our technicians being to take inventory on both what is salvageable and what is unsalvageable, they discard the unsalvageable items and begin cleaning and boxing the salvageable items to be stored in a safe location until the restoration process has been completed.  In some cases, the restoration process in the home or business does not allow for storage of these items in which case they are brought back to the SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes office where they are stored in a climate controlled and protected area. 

Once the inventory has been completed it is submitted to the insurance company and homeowner for review and to be processed as part of the claim. 

As soon as the restoration and reconstruction process has been completed, we will bring the stored items back to the homeowner safely and securely. 

If disaster strikes your home or business, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes. 712-262-4379 

November Continuing Education Courses Offered

8/2/2019 (Permalink)

Presenter Todd Davis leads a course during our June 13th CEC Event.

On Thursday November 14th SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes will be offering their last continuing education event of 2019.  The event will be held at the beautiful Waterfront Grille in Arnolds Park, IA. 

We are pleased to bring back presenter Todd Davis.  Todd comes from Peoria, IL where he owns and operates his own insurance agency as well as a variety of other jobs.  He brings with him years of presenting experience with SERVPRO but also many stories of his time in the insurance industry.   

Our morning course will be a 4-hour course on Unusual Claims to Never Want to See.  The course will begin at 8:00 AM and conclude at 12:00 PM.  During this course there will be discussions on a variety of issues including biohazard, hoarding, etc.  We ask that you please participate during the discussions to help progress the content along. 

Our afternoon course will be a 3-hour course on the Basics of E&O Loss Prevention.  The course will begin at 1:00 PM and conclude at 4:00 PM. 

SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes is pleased to offer these courses to insurance agents, adjusters, and others needing continuing education credits at no charge to you.  In addition to the free courses, we also offer a complimentary lunch and refreshments throughout the day. 

If you are interested in attending this course please email Stephanie Guthrie at  Please RSVP by Thursday October 24th and in your email include your agency affiliation, license number, and contact information. 

We hope to see you there!    

The Reality of Fire Cleanup

8/2/2019 (Permalink)

After a fire, leave the cleanup to us. We will make it "Like it never even happened."

We have all heard that soot is bad for us.  It contains a variety of toxic chemical compounds that are harmful to respiratory systems of those coming in prolonged contact with the particles.  Soot damage from a fire can often be quite time consuming and tricky to clean up.   After having worked a few fire restoration jobs myself I understood firsthand how much work goes into the restoration process. 

After a fire, soot spreads throughout far reaches to a home or business due to the smaller particles.  While the fire may be contained to the kitchen, soot can travel to multiple floors or rooms which increases the time for cleanup. 

The first restoration job I was a part of was a small kitchen fire in a one-story home.  The fire was contained to the kitchen and truly the damage was not bad.  The soot however traveled into 3 other rooms in the home, one being on the other side of the house.  In addition to cleaning the walls and surfaces from ceiling to floor, we cleaned kitchen cabinets inside & out, cleaned all toys individually, gathers items for dry cleaning, cleaned furniture, and had the HVAC system thoroughly cleaned. 

For even a small job, our crew of 3 worked for 2 days to get the family back into their home.  Depending on the scope of the job, some can take longer and require more in-depth cleaning and/or reconstruction.

SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes is trained in IICRC Restoration standards for fire restoration and we pride ourselves on being very thorough when completing a job to ensure you and your family forget the disaster occurred and your home or business look Like it never even happened. 

If disaster strikes, call the team that’s faster to any disaster in Northwest Iowa…SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes!  712-262-4379

The Emergency Ready Profile Advantage!

8/2/2019 (Permalink)

Call today to set up your Emergency Ready Profile. 712-262-4379

As the sales and marketing representative for SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes, one of my key targets each month is to help businesses be prepared in the event of a disaster.  One way in which we do that is through our Emergency Ready Profile program. 

The Emergency Ready Profile, or ERP, is a free service provided by SERVPRO in which we help area businesses with such things as locating their emergency shut offs for their electrical systems, water, and gas.  We also compile information on their key contacts in the event of any emergency so the business is prepared and can calmly work through the situation.  Since this is a free service, there are no contracts to sign and no obligations to purchase any products.  Our only request is, if your business does suffer from a disaster to give us an opportunity to make it Like it never even happened.

The ERP also contains tips and suggestions that the business can do before help arrives and provides somewhat of a roadmap helping them get back into their business more quickly and ultimately minimizing the interruption. 

As I continue to grow the number of businesses in our coverage area that have an ERP set up, it was a few months ago that we had the opportunity to truly see the power of the plan in action.  A local business suffered a frozen pipe on the third story of their building reaching numerous rooms within the facility.  With this plan, the building contact knew exactly who to call and within hours our team was on site helping them to restore function to nearly 50% of the rooms affected by the end of day 1.  The other rooms required more drying time, but they were able to recover a fair amount of potential lost income by simply having a plan in place and knowing what to do prior to help arriving. 

The best part of the ERP process is the amount of work the business owner or manager must do to get this set up is minimal.  A sales and marketing representative will come to your business and take the necessary photos and information, then finish putting the document together at the office.  This process usually only takes 30 minutes or less and the business owner can proof and edit the document as often as they would like.  When approved, the business will receive both a hard copy and a digital copy through our ERP app. 

For more questions or to set up an Emergency Ready Profile for your business, call SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes at 712-262-4379. You can also email our Sales & Marketing Representative, Jason Lindsay, at

Silver Lining Through the Storm

6/17/2019 (Permalink)

This home required flood cuts due to water backup through the floor drain.

This year has brought just as much excitement in storm damage as last year.  From the extreme cold in January and February to the quick thaw/flooding in March and April SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes has had the privilege of helping many of those in need in northwest Iowa.  

This past month I had the opportunity of working with one of my insurance agents first hand.  Though I stop regularly to speak with his office, I spend a significant amount of time speaking with his associates rather than him.  Upon stopping at his house he and I had the opportunity to discuss the variety of services that we offer to help him through his recent drain backup issue.  

He was aware that we would have to pull carpet, due to having the moisture barrier on his pad we discussed what options to go with upon replacement of that.  The moisture barrier will lock the water under the pad making it impossible for us to properly extract the water and nearly every home that we encounter that has this type of pad finds it being removed during the restoration process.  

Unfortunately due to the water coming from a floor drain it is required for insurance purposes to be classified a category 3 water loss which means any drywall or wood surface the water touched must be removed and replaced, unless the homeowner assumes responsibility for the kept materials.  What this meant was we were not only doing flood cuts but also removing all doors and trim.  The homeowner/agent was unaware that we also offer reconstruction services which means he won't have to find a contractor to come in to his home and replace the drywall, trim, and doors.  

As we are still in the reconstruction process, I had an opportunity to speak with him recently and he is very pleased with the service we have provided as well as the ease of working with us.  

When disaster strikes your home or business, call the professionals that can truly help you start to finish at SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes.  712-262-4379

My Home Has Water Damage, Now What?!

4/26/2019 (Permalink)

Our crew is here to help!

When water finds its way into your home or business there are endless amounts of questions.  What do I do now?  How do I get it cleaned up quickly?  Should I call someone or do it myself?

The answer to all of those questions...Call SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes.  Our team of professionals is ready, willing, and able to help ease your anxiety and turn your home back "Like it never even happened."  

From the first notice of loss to the end of the drying process, and even reconstruction if necessary.  There will be a SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes representative with you every step of the way.  If you have questions, ask one of the representatives who is working in your home.  Wondering why there is so much time between drying and reconstruction, feel free to call us.  We are here to help!  

Our goal is to not only minimize the interruption to your lives, but also minimize the stress and anxiety that goes along with experiencing water damage in your home or business.  

Remember, if disaster strikes call the team that is here every step of the way...SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes. 


Spring is in the air...but what else is there?

4/26/2019 (Permalink)

In the right conditions, mold can begin to grow in as little as 48 hours. Call today to schedule your mold assessment.

Mold is quickly becoming one of the more prominent areas of our business.  With so many homes effected by the high moisture levels in the area throughout the past 18 months, many home and business owners are calling in with mold concerns in their home or business.  

SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes has the right products, the right staff, and the right training to make sure your home or business is mold free.  We understand the stress that comes along with finding mold and not knowing what to do.  Our team will assess your property, and to testing if you would like.  Our assessment will include advise on fixing the underlying issue, a remediation plan, and results from the testing if you choose to go that route.  

SERVPRO of Spencer & Iowa Great Lakes also has a construction team on staff to ensure anything that we have to remove can and will be replaced making sure it looks "Like it never even happened." 

Call today for your mold concerns. 712-262-4379